A downloadable game for Windows

You wake up one night and you're trapped in your own home. All windows and doors are boarded shut, from the inside. You find a note that seems to be from someone you know from way back... Around the house there are puzzles reminding you of your horrible past. Will you make it out alive...?

It is highly recommended to play with pen and paper ready next to you.

This game was made during the #SenscapeJam for 2 weeks!

CONTENT WARNING: The Wrong Kind of Shadow tackle topics like bullying and suicide, some people might find that distressing.

If you are having problem and get stuck, you can read a walk-through for the puzzles here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sdg2EnBGJ_vY3vIa5R4vFmY53KQ3dD8mpxjWmPlUbVE/...

The download link leads you to a 5GB Google Drive zip file. Be sure to use Chrome to lessen the chances of the download crashing.


Google Drive Link


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Literal chills. Well done! I just did a short review on it (sry no English subs for now) but planing to make a full playthrough soon

good creepy